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High Quality Childcare in Newport News, Va

WE LOVE KIDS offers high-quality early childhood educational programs in a beautifully designed child development center which sits on five acres of land for your child to master those crucial early motor skills. We are furnished with age-appropriate learning equipment in massive size classrooms for children ages six weeks to twelve years of age. Being a privately owned child development center, we are able to offer you that personal touch that you have been looking for. Our #1 goal is to get children excited about learning while preparing them to be successful in Kindergarten.
WE LOVE KIDS open doors policy welcomes you and your family to come by visit our fun and dynamic child development center where you can see for yourself why we are different from our competitors and how committed we are to the development of early childhood education.


Our Education Philosophy:

Our educational philosophy is founded in the High/Scope philosophy, which states that children learn best by doing — through hands-on experiences with people, materials, events and ideas. WE LOVE KIDS Whole Child Education approach teaches early literacy, logical thinking, problem solving , social understanding, physical coordination, creativity and positive character traits.


Our Approach

Core Vision:

Our core vision is to provide children with prompt responsive teachers that are warm and caring; yet, coupled with a secure learning environment.
WE LOVE KIDS understands that the quality of relationships which your child experience during their first 5 years of life have a deep and lasting impact on their future development, and that knowledge guides them every step of their day.

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