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Children sitting and listening at school.

Our Curriculum and Values


Program & Curriculum:

Our #1 goal is to get children excited about learning while preparing them to be successful in kindergarten. To measure our children's progress, we have tailored Newport News public school system's yearly calendar.  By mimicking their 9 weeks schedule, we break down our curriculum books over a year time so that our children can master the standards and goals set within each curriculum book.

                      We have a new curriculum in place called STREAMin3.


STREAMin3 is an innovative, engaging, and interactions-based curriculum model for children ages birth through preschool.

STREAMin3 is grounded in developmental and early education research. It focuses on 6 STREAM and 5 Core Skills to promote children's development and early learning. The curriculum provides a high-quality option for infant, toddler, preschool, and mixed age classrooms. STREAMin3 includes training and professional development to support educators that choose to use the model in their programs.


Skills that prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond:





STREAMin3 also includes A Focus on Interactions- Daily activities, routines, and games maximize teacher-child and peer interactions. Implementation Support & PD- Ongoing implementation support and professional development (PD) that align to the curriculum. Observation & Assessment- Observation and assessment tools help inform teaching and implementation.

STREAMin3 empowers teachers, leaders, children, and their families to be active agents in their own teaching and learning.


We Love Kids Core Values


We conduct our business with a focus on promoting our reputation for excellence as providers of educational programs. We are respectful of the rights, opinions and responsibilities of individuals to include our co-workers, families, and partners in the community. As professionals, we maintain confidentiality, demonstrate dependability, portray ourselves and our programs in a positive professional manner, and speak constructively of co-workers, our families and the company.


We adhere to ethical values and principles that are in alignment with licensing standards and professional codes of conduct. We strive to be fair and consistent in all that we do. Our conversations contain honesty, including those times when the messages are difficult to share.


We demonstrate tolerance and understanding of the thoughts, beliefs and practices of others in our workplace and in the community. We view the discussion of new ideas and diversity as opportunities to strengthen the quality of programs that we offer to our families. We are committed to communicating messages with courtesy and professionalism.

Community and Family

Our children, parents, teachers, schools and the people that support them, are all part of our We Love Kids family. We fulfill our civic duties by serving as a responsible employer and by supporting programs that benefit the communities where we live and do business. We encourage participation in activities which give back to our communities.


We constantly strive to grow and develop as individuals and as a company. We recognize the benefit of professional development and implementing best business practices to offer quality educational programs. We are committed to continuously improving our programs and services through innovation and the investments in people and facilities.


We firmly believe that teamwork is the most effective method to provide quality education to our families. We step-in and help out each other, even without being asked to do so. We work through challenges and conflicts professionally and collaboratively. We share information and resources with others within the company.

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