Parenting Resources


Being a parent is uncharted territory when you first find out you’re expecting. Chances are, you’ll spend most of your time looking up developmental milestones for the first 12 months. You will read all of the blogs and spend days interviewing pediatricians. Despite your best efforts, there may be a few things that you overlook. Here are some examples. 


A Good Start 


Bringing home a baby is one of the most exciting times in the lives of all parents. But it is not always a land of milk and honey. Here are some resources to help you get settled in, establish a consistent routine, introduce the newest member of your family to the four-legged children, and boost their brain activity. 


Feeding Your Newborn

Best Ways To Help Children Fall Asleep At Nap Time

Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby

10 Activities To Help Your Baby's Brain Development



The “Kid” Years 

Babyhood is fleeting. Soon, you will have a child with an independent streak and a life outside of home. 

When Should Kids Start Kindergarten? 

What to Do When the Teacher Doesn’t Like Your Child 

Fun Indoor Exercises for School-aged Kids (9-12 Years Old) 

The 5 Best Cyber bullying Resources for Middle School  


Parenting In The Teen Years 

For all of the sleepless nights you had with a newborn, you’ll have just as many in the teen years. As your child grows into a young adult, your parenting obligations may get uncomfortable. 

Is Your Home an Accomplice for Your Rebellious Teen?

The Growing Child:  Adolescent 13 to 18 Years

Adolescent Sexuality: Talk the Talk Before They Walk the Walk

Picking Your Battles:  The Core of Parenting a Teen 


These resources offer great information to stick in your back pocket for use later. Even if you don’t think it’s important to worry about cyberbullying or sexuality just yet, it is never too early to prepare yourself for what’s to come.